elliefreckles in Paris

When people complain about travelling it’s the worst. Really, everywhere has something beautiful to offer and if you’re lucky enough to go there – enjoy it! I went to Paris in the winter, and being from Sydney, I found the weather shockingly cold! Although I’m sure it was pretty average for Europe. Even though I felt like my face was going to fall off a lot of the time I really enjoyed doing all the touristy things in Paris. Seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up in sparkly lights on New Year’s Eve was definitely a highlight.

Even though I knew it would be even colder at the top of Notre Dame I didn’t hesitate in lining up for the climb up. It was chilly yes, but most definitely worth it. The view of Paris was amazing and the Eiffel Tower looks just as impressive from afar. You can see here how it is by far the highest structure, which I think makes the city landscape as a whole all the more beautiful. The gargoyles weren’t so frightening either, they seemed more like friends to enjoy the view with.


11 thoughts on “elliefreckles in Paris

  1. Just looking through your photos, they are amazing! I think they have captured the city amazingly πŸ™‚

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