Snaps from Svenska






Fisherman’s Wharf, San Fran



As an Australian seeing a squirrel was pretty exciting for me. Some of our American friends told us that they’re somewhat of a pest going through rubbish bins and whatnot but they just seemed so cute! They seemed to be everywhere, even in very popular areas which I guess is different to a lot of Australian wildlife which for the most part is hard to come by in suburban areas. I adored squirrels, they’re hyper, quick little things, who certainly aren’t shy!


My dad was pretending to have food so this little squirrel would pose nicely for my photo. They sure don’t mind getting up close!



A shot of nothing in particular in Venice

Appreciating the little things

My sister is great at appreciating the little things, she stops to “smell the roses” as they say. She’s got her own little camera and it’s always interesting to see what she takes pictures of at the end of  a trip away. While the rest of us are taking in the grand sights and tourist attractions she’s documenting odd little things. In particular she’s a fan of foreign dogs (she really likes Australian dogs too actually), other stray animals, flowers and hearts. She’s amazingly good at spotting heart patterns in the most random places.



Found in the ruins of Pompeii:

Footpath of Yosemite:

Amalfi Coast back to Sorrento

We pulled the car over so I could take a quick little photo just before the sun went down. Pretty perfect accidental timing.


We visited the island of Capri in the winter but there was still this crisp, fresh pristine sunshine. You have to catch a ferry out there in the morning, spent the day looking around, and then catch a ferry back to Sorrento in the evening. If you’re into impressive views and lookouts, gentle hikes, cobble-stoned pathways, majestic ruins and white-pebble beaches then this is your kinda island. It looks like a beautiful place to go swimming and I’d love to visit there in summer in the future. I loved the look of the old little townhouses squashed into the steep hillsides and their clean white-washed walls. It’s the epitome of a seaside haven and reminded me of one of my favourite songs, ‘Next Time Around’ by Little Joy.

Here are some shots from our day in Capri.

Mission San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo

In the garden of Mission San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo

Road Tripping Highway 1

Classic tunes, tasty snacks and a beautiful landscape; the perfect road trip. There’s something adventurous about jumping in a car and making your own way to your chosen destination, you’re choosing a route with the stops and travel-time spent just the way you like it. Our short little trip along Highway 1 was particularly exciting, it was such a fun way to get a beautiful view of sunny California! We headed off ready with beef jerky, sunflower seeds and a couple of bag of bagels (somewhat novelty food for us). With Van Morrison crooning in the background we played all those cheesy, time-filling games like I-spy and punch-buggy. My parents had plenty of anecdotes about the two years they’d spent living in California, so in a way it was like personalised commentary accompanying the lush scenery.

Above is a photo of my brother explore the cliff-face off of Highway 1 a little bit, we’d pulled over so that I could take a couple of photos. Pretty much as soon as we started driving again though we spotted a couple of vultures perched at the roadside, this photo is taken from inside the car as we drove past. With long drives there’s always the opportunity to pass the time taking plenty of shots.

I love Ansel Adams

I couldn’t stop thinking about Ansel Adams’ incredible photography when I was there…

Even if I can’t match it!